Hot Summer Night

When I was younger, my mom and dad got one of their friend's daughters to come to the house and fix dinner and sit with me while they went out to a party and dancing afterward. It was August and our house only had fans, no air conditioning. Diane arrived about thirty minutes before my parents were to leave, so mom took her to the kitchen and showed her where everything was to make supper for the two of us. I thought Diane was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her hair was raven black and her eyes were Hazel. She had large breasts that were straining to get out of her white and red cheerleader sweater. The white and red cheerleader pleated short skirt barely covered her behind. When my parents left, she asked me to come to the kitchen and help her make the hamburger patties. We started cooking hamburgers and home fries, but the kitchen started getting really hot. Suddenly Diane turned toward me and said, "You wouldn't mind if I take this skirt and shirt off, would you? It's too hot in here and I need to keep both clean for the game tomorrow night." I have no idea what I said, but she wasted no time in slipping them off. I stood there with my excitement growing by the minute; sweat running down my face. She looked at me standing there, excited and sweat running down my face. "You need to slip out of those jeans and that shirt; the house is way too hot for clothes at all. So let's both get naked and go to the living room while these burgers cook," she told me. We went to the living room and she told me to take my clothes off as she did the same. With shaky hands and a sweaty brow, I managed to get them off. She looked me up and down and then said, "Have you ever worn girls' panties or any women's clothes? I think you would look real good in mine. Try them on and if they fit good and you like them, I'll let you keep them. I have a pair of shorts and panties in my big purse." I tried them on and they felt so smooth and cool on my skin. Diane brought the little short cheerleaders skirt over and said, "Put this on while I finish the burgers. Put on the bra and blouse too, then we'll have some fun." I watched her naked body all the way to the kitchen. I put all of it on and got so excited, I thought I was going to burst. When she came back from the kitchen, I was sitting on the couch fully dressed in her clothes. She came, sat beside me, and began to rub my privates through the red nylon panties. "We need to do something for that," she said. "Stand up and pull your panties down. I'm going to make you a very happy man." I did and she started giving me oral sex. I lasted about ten minutes and then she told me to return the favor. She told me not to worry she would let me know what she wanted done. She stayed with me two other times and brought me one pair of pink silk panties, a black half slip, and a blue satin sleep shirt. I have worn panties off and on for years; I also enjoy half-slips to wear around the house. I've been wearing panties almost since that night with Diane so long ago. I started wearing pantyhose, half-slips and satin night shirts since I married my present wife. She likes to see me in panties and slips, and it makes for some really good sex.

— Walter, 67