Friend's Wife

My former best friend has been working out of state for some time and left his hot, twelve-years-his-junior wife home alone. I had been helping her with odd jobs around the house since he never finishes any projects. Well, one night while I was fixing her washer, she came to the laundry room to look for nails to hang pictures on. She was dressed so sexy in a plain T-shirt and cotton gym-type shorts. I could see through her shirt that she was not wearing a bra. As she dug through a plastic container, I asked if she needed a screw to hang the picture on. She had the biggest smile on her face as she said, "Yes!" I admit, I didn't even catch my own innuendo because I had been pre-occupied by her body. As she walked toward me, I finally got it! I grabbed her and lifted her up to set her on the washer's lid. As she laid on top of that washer, I gave her oral sex for over two hours straight until she had her first-ever-orgasm. Then we had intercourse in every other room in her house. Since her husband is now in legal trouble and cannot come home, we have been having sex every day since April.

— Joseph, 45