She Exposed Me

During my recent visit to see my mother-in-law, a strange incident took place. While my wife was sleeping on Sunday morning, I returned to my room after swimming in the pool. Soon my sister-in-law entered the room and started playing around and teasing me. It was fun until she asked me to recognize an object behind my back. As I did, she had handcuffed me. I resisted, but in vain. Then, she put me in a pink, nylon bra and draped a skirt around my waist. I felt so embarrassed, but she did not listen to my requests to remove them. Soon afterwards, my mother-in-law entered the room and burst into laughter at seeing me. She said, "Wow! Nancy, you have transformed your sister's husband into a girl in under five minutes. Your sister couldn't do it in five years." I felt so shy and defeated at the hands of my sister-in-law. My mother-in-law took my picture and finally made me wear her hair band on my head, after fixing her wig on me as well.

— Marco, 34