Exploring Sexuality

At supper one evening when we were much younger (she 31, me 37), my wife told me she had a strong case of the hots for a coworker of hers. She said that she believed me to be an understanding man and that I loved her totally. She loved me with all of her heart, but she really wanted to have sex with this man. We talked into the night and while we were in foreplay, she became intensely aroused at the thought of having sex with this young man. When I realized how deeply she wanted this, I told her to go ahead, but tell me all about it. She had sex with him and I became very aroused when she came home minus her panties and with mussed up hair and makeup. She undressed and had me lay on my back as she told me how he did her. The sex after that was incredible. We had sex two or three times a day. When we would start to wind down, she would see him again and off we go on another sex frenzy. I asked her if she wanted to see other men besides her coworker, and she said that she wanted to be able to have sex with who ever turned her on. I told her okay. She has had sex with a lot of different men since then. It has been almost thirty years since we started and it is as much fun now as it was back then. We didn't know what to call what we were doing then, but now it can be considered wife sharing or hot wiving. We started swapping with other couples and did a lot of threesomes. The best were always with another male. She has done a few gang bangs as well. One time, she took on nine men (a group of soldiers) in a motel room in our home town. She spent the whole weekend taking care of all their sexual needs. She was fifty-two when she did that. We have had a stable and strong marriage for thirty-five years now and though I don't recommend this for the faint of heart or jealous fools, open minded people can be immensely rewarded if they explore their sexuality.

— Herb, 62