Dirty Boy

The first time I wore my step-cousin's underwear, I saw that she had floral underskirts and panties. I was in her bedroom going through her panty drawer when I came across her floral underskirt. It was pink with a flower print and it felt really soft. Then, I took out a pair of white panties with a floral print. I pulled on the panties, and then slipped on the underskirt; I started to play with myself in her underwear. It felt so good that I kept doing it for weeks. One day, my step-cousin caught me in her floral panties she was really angry. She shouted, "How dare you wear my panties?" and then gave me a hard slap. I was in tears when she screamed, "Take them off right now!" She said, "I thought someone had been going through my undies drawer, you dirty boy!"

— Mason, 36