What A Way To Hook Up

One day I was at a party with some friends. Katrina, a girl I had the hots for, was there. We talked and flirted a bit, but she had to go pick up her sister from the airport. I was left sitting by the pool edge. Then one of Katrina's hot friends, Nicole, came up to me. She asked me if I wanted to swim with her, and I agreed. When we were in the pool, she started pressing her body against me. She started kissing me and rubbing her hands on my back. She started to feel me and said, "I'm feeling so hot now with you." She then got into one of those inflatable boats that were in the pool. Then she asked me, "Want to make out in the boat?" I don't know why I said yes, but I did. So, we were making out in the boat for like half an hour. Then we got out and she showed me to the room she was staying in. We immediately got into bed and took our clothes off. "Give it to me, baby, right now!" she asked, and I did. It was the best sex I had in ages. She was amazing. After a while I got tired, but then she gave me oral. I had to go use the other room for a moment. When I got back, Nicole was holding her mobile. "Who did you call?" I asked. "Just a friend," she told me. So, we started having sex again. We were at it again when the door opened. It was Katrina, and she was completely naked. "I though we should have a threesome," said Nicole. So, Katrina got into bed. We took it in turns, but I mostly did it with Katrina. If Nicole was amazing, then Katrina was the best. Since that night, Katrina and I have been going out together. We sometimes get Nicole to have a threesome. What a way to hook up.

— Ian, 21