My Own Experience

I recently found this website and after reading a few confessions about men wanting to see their wives with other men, I decided to share my own experience. Four years ago, when I was twenty-eight, I was sent to my company's headquarters in the Midwest to receive sixteen weeks of additional training. They put me up in a great condo with a large workout facility that I used every night. It was there that I met and became friendly with an older married couple, Beth and Rob. Beth and Rob were at the gym daily and we would exchange pleasantries and talk about our day's events. Beth was an attractive and rather large woman, with a tremendous chest and a generous backside; while Rob was a very slight, almost nerdy fellow. They seemed an odd couple, but they told me they had been married for over twenty-five years and appeared to be happy. I admit that even though she was much older than me, I was attracted to Beth and paid her much more attention than I did Rob. Still, I was very surprised when Beth approached me one night after leaving the gym and asked if we could talk. It was very embarrassing for her to articulate, but she finally said that Rob was turning fifty next Friday and that he had always had a fantasy to see her with another man; a younger, bigger man. She told me that Rob had begged her for this one gift and thought that I would be perfect. I know the smart thing would have been to say thanks, but no thanks and leave it at that, but I told her I would think about it. I had been away from my girlfriend for six weeks and had ten to go and to be honest; I had pleasured myself more than once thinking about Beth's body. The next day, I told her that I would come over for dinner Friday night, but we would just have to see how things developed. I'm not sure what my expectations were when I rang the doorbell Friday night, but Beth exceeded any I might have had. She was stunning. Her hair and make-up were perfect; her blouse was low, low cut revealing her captivating cleavage and her pants were spray-on tight. Rob was standing right behind her and I wished him a happy birthday. I then took Beth in my arms, told her how amazing she looked, and kissed his big, beautiful wife right in front of him. For the next hour, Rob served us wine and dinner and to be honest, I thought of nothing else except making love to his wife. When dinner was over, Beth excused herself and Rob and I went to the living room. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to go through with this and he assured me he loved it. Beth joined me on the couch, and I noticed she had undone a couple of more buttons on her blouse. I think we both forgot about Rob sitting on the chair in the corner as we began making out. I had my hands all over Beth, telling her how much I desired her. She was telling me she wanted me from the minute we first met, and that she never thought a young stud like me would even think twice about a woman like her. By this time, her blouse and my shirt were off and we were kissing and exploring. I couldn't take any more and I reached down and pulled Beth's pants the rest of the way off. I made her look right at Rob as we had sex. She asked him if he was enjoying getting his birthday present as much as she was enjoying giving it to him. Rob just sat there speechless as she kept telling him how great it felt to have a young lover and that now she knows what a real man feels like. She screamed that she loved me when I finally finished. I collapsed on the couch. Beth sat back on the couch next to me and told me how wonderful that was and without a care about Rob, we went off to shower. I didn't go back to my condo that weekend until Sunday night. Beth and I did it every which way all over the condo without a thought about Rob hanging around watching. Needless to say, I spent the next ten weeks with Beth as much as possible. Rob was still around and would sometimes join us, but more often than not, it was Beth and I being together with Rob's blessing. That was four years ago and at least twice a year I have to fly to headquarters for meetings and updated training. Rob and Beth are still together, and even though I'm now married, I still ache to go and be with Beth on my trips back.

— Eric, 32