My Wife Finally Agreed

For years, I have dreamed about watching my wife get turned on by another man. She is the same age as I am and hot! With her new copper hair, she turns some heads. Last week, we went to an all nude strip club that was "bring your own drinks." After sitting down, a man came over to share his drink. We all talked and drank. Soon we were sitting with our chairs together and my wife would lean in to hear us talk. I asked the man, who was thirty-five, to help me feel my wife's breasts. I thought she was going to scream with pleasure. I left twice to leave them alone. She ran her hand up his shorts and played with him. I got so excited watching my wife and could not believe that it turned me on with no ill feelings. Next, we went outside and around the corner and took turns putting our hands down her pants. After that, his friends came out and took him away, so we went to the motel room and had the best sex ever. Now that she is turned on to it, she is begging to do it again only this time taking two of us on in bed. It will happen very soon. Before this, she would wear a t-shirt and tennis shoes and never go into a bar. Now, she advertises her breasts and is in heels going to any bar. Every time we leave the house, I have to pull over and have her or I will bust. The future sounds bright.

— Ivan, 49