Caught By Step-Sister

I have a step-sister named Stacy. She lived only twenty minutes away. I was only nineteen, and she's two years older than me. I always thought she was hot, and sometimes I looked at her when she slept. One time, when she came back from her other house, I didn't know when she was coming. I was looking at some bad stuff on my computer down in my basement. I had no clue my step-sister had come in. She came down to the basement because she thought she heard something, and she was right. At the sight of her in the doorway, I suddenly tried to get everything hidden, close down the bad stuff on my screen, and explain. I completed none of these because she rushed towards me and grabbed me. "It's fine" she whispered to me. "C'mon, let's watch," she said. She took me upstairs to her room and we started by just watching a porno. Then things got better. "It's time," she said. She then gave me oral sex. Then I returned the favor. After that, we had full sex. Eventually, we both were finished. We kept at it a few more times that day, though. God, she was hot that day. She and I have kept up the fun for the past years and have become friends with benefits. I've never done anyone better than her, and just the sight of her gets me excited.

— Timothy, 23