My First Time

The first time I ever did it was with my friend's sister. At the time, I was nineteen and she was twenty-one. My friend's sister, Mandy, and I were mostly just distant friends, her being at collage and what-not. I would see her at church every time she was up. Whenever she saw me, she seemed to go out of her way to talk to me. She was nice and really hot. One hot summer day, I was working at my parent's store and she walked in the door. I was at the desk and my parents were helping customers. She came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to the beach with her. Oh God, yes, I thought to myself. I asked if my friend (her brother) would be there. She said that he was busy, but I could still come. I told her that I had no suit and that I was probably needed to work. Just as I said that, my dad came forward and asked her how things were going. She said fine, and that she wanted me to come to the beach with her. My dad said that was fine and that I could go if I wanted. He said that we could go pick up my suit. "Oh, yes!" I thought to myself. We quickly went to my house and picked up my suit. We then headed to the beach. She informed me that she was the only person who knew of this beach, and that the people who owned the property were friends with her and said that when they were gone she could use their house. When we got there it was quiet, too quiet, for me, but I could change that. She pulled out a towel and laid down on the beach. She sat up and asked me to put some sun-tan lotion on her. I did this and got horny. "Calm down," she said. "We've got time for that. Let me relax for a bit." She then lay back on the towel, chest down, untied her top, and relaxed. This relaxation only lasted fifteen or twenty minutes, and then the fun started. She sat up without the top on and said, "C'mere." And oh, I did. After ten minutes of the best oral I've ever had, I pulled off her swim suit and we had sex. We did it three more times that day, each time in a different place. We made so much noise that day. Well, that's my story of my first time. For the years after that, we've returned to that beach and kept up the fun. She's even brought friends, and we've done threesomes and foursomes. Boy, she's good.

— Grant, 21