Scared And Embarrassed

I was on my way to work at four in the morning and looking at a video I got of a woman giving oral. I got so horny that I pulled off in the mall parking lot and rolled my window down so I could hear cars coming. Then I pulled my pants down and started to pleasure myself. A short, chubby female security guard soon walked up on me to see if I was okay and shined her flashlight on me. I tried to pull my pants up, but she yelled at me to step out of the car. She made me stand out in the parking lot with my pants down and my package showing. She asked me my name and what I was doing, and then said she should call the cops. She didn't call the police, but let me go instead. I think she was trying to scare me. I have never been so scared or embarrassed at the same time!

— Dominic, 32