Caught By Meter Man

I've been a cross dresser since I was young, but when I married an army woman, I stopped until she went on a six month deployment. My wife and I are the same size; I'm petite and her sexy clothes fit really well. The week after she left, I shaved my entire body put on her sexy hot pink bikini and went out in the backyard to tan. I also painted my toes to match and spent the day being a sissy. I finished one foot and was working on the next when this tall, lean black man walked into the backyard to read the power meter. I was caught! He said, "Hey sissy, get me some ice water." I got up, went into the house, and got him a glass. When I returned, he was at the door with his package hanging out. He took the glass and told me to give him oral sex because he knew what white sissy boys wanted. He was right and I did.

— Miles, 28