Woman's Fantasy

My wife told me that as a girl, she would fantasize about holding a man package in her hand close enough to look at it. This was certainly a normal thing, but it brought back to my mind an incident that happened when we were dating. We were necking in the car in her parent's driveway. It was Valentines day. She had my package in her hand (probably looking at it) and was bent over my lap, when she started performing oral sex on me. It was the first time for us; she well may have done it with someone else before. They say steak and red wine gets the juices flowing, well, her red lips were my red wine. As skyrockets went off, she suddenly realized, and jerked her head away, leaving a pearl to fall on her new sweater. She may have done it before, as she usually dated older guys. If she had, she had never done it to completion; I am sure by her reaction. Furthermore, she never pulled away again. She could not get the spot off the sweater and had to throw it away.

— Donald, 52