My Sister-In-Law

My wife's sister lives in a town about four hours away. I was in town on overnight business and thought I would stop by and say hi to my sister-in-law, her husband, and my niece and nephew. As it turned out, her husband was out-of-town, and she invited me to stay with them instead of at a hotel. I thought nothing of it and said sure. After the kids were in bed, I got a drink and told her I was going out to relax in the hot tub. About ten minutes later, she came out and joined me. We started talking and drinking, and somehow we got to talking about sex. Then she said, "My sister tells me you are great in bed." I didn't know what to say, so I said something like, "Oh she did, did she?" Then she said, "Sam's not very gifted in that area. Matter of fact, he's down right bad at it. Will you do me?" Again, I was stumped. I don't know if it was the drinks or the hot water, but my sister-in-law was coming on to me, and I was starting to feel very turned on by her. She moved close to me, kissed me hard and deep, and said, "Please?" I couldn't resist! I kissed her back, pulled her to the side of the hot tub, and removed her swimsuit. She was ready, and I pleasured her for some time before she started screaming. I stopped once for a kiss, than went right back to work. We then moved inside where she pleasured me until the wee hours of the morning. As I was leaving later that day she said, "My sister was right!"

— Tony, 40