The Power Of Pink

I often found myself getting upset over little things and had a hard time relaxing at the end of the day. A girl I grew up with had me over and she spilled chocolate milk on my shirt. While she washed it, she gave me a long sleeved pink shirt to wear. As I put on the shirt, I felt so much more relaxed. I told her about it and she suggested maybe I should start wearing pink more often to relax me. I now go to bed every night wearing a pink shirt and pink flannel pants and even have pink blankets on my bed; I sleep so much better now and never lose my temper. I have become more sensitive and emotional as well. My friend's mom bought me some pink tights and a pink nightgown for my birthday, which was a bit strange. But, I spent the night at my girlfriend's house as she talked me into wearing them. When I finally gave in and put them on, I felt goofy, but again the pink color relaxed me and I didn't care that I had on pink tights and a girly nightgown. Never under estimate the power of pink.

— Addison, 22