Giving Oral To A Guy

About eight years ago, I went to a video arcade that plays adult videos. It had private booths that lock while you watch the video. I was aware that there were guys there that follow other men into the booths while they're watching their videos and was sure they were doing more than just watching movies. I had been curious about giving or receiving oral from a guy for quite a while. I had been married for ten years and had two kids, and had never tried anything with a guy ever. Anyway, I did go there with the thought of trying something with a guy and brought some condoms to be safe. I went into a booth and shut the door without locking it and started a video with a few dollars. Soon after, a guy stuck his head in the door and asked if I needed any company. I mumbled something like, "Sure," as if that were something that happens all the time. I continued watching my flick and he sat down and watched a couple minutes. Then he asked if I wanted oral or something. I said okay and was already getting excited watching a hot blonde in a video. He went right to work on me. I was quickly overwhelmed and my head was spinning from the thought of doing this, and I told him to stop. He stopped and sat back down. I sat there stupidly for a few minutes, and then before he started to leave, I asked him if I could try giving him oral and we could use a condom. He was okay with it and was already excited. So, I tore open the condom then began on him. When we were finished, I mumbled something again about, "How did I do?" and he said it was great and went on to ask if I wanted to get together sometime. I was already feeling guilty about what had just happened and said no thanks. I needed to go home and think about what I had done. I was excited for having done it, but was feeling guilty at the same time. That was many years ago, but I still remember it well. I've tried it a few times since then, but have remained married and still prefer my wife and the opposite sex in general. I haven't had a guy return the favor, but will try that sometime in the future.

— Michael, 46