Panties All The Time

It all started when I complained to my wife that it was so hot in the summer (I work outside) and that I was always uncomfortable in my men's briefs. She only wears thongs, so I asked her if she thought they were cooler than regular underwear. She said they were lots cooler. Half laughing, I told her I was going to wear hers to try, and she said okay. From then on, I was hooked. I now have over sixty pairs of panties; all kinds from hi rise to bikini, to thongs, to string bikini, to boy short, and tanga. I have them in all kinds of wonderful materials as well. Some pairs will rub me just right so I am excited all day. When we have sex, I leave my panties on. Sometimes, I mess in them, but some are just too pretty to do that.

— Trevor, 38