Setting Up My Wife

When we start drinking, my wife always jokes around about doing another guy. I have always felt that if I said, "Okay, let's see you do that," she would say no. So, I set her up. I have a friend that I had done a lot of work with and we talked. I said to him, "I'd like to see my wife have sex with another guy," and he said he would do this with me. I told him, "She can't know I set this up." I took her out for dinner and a local bar and I was telling her about this great job prospect and how good it would be to have it. She was pretty drunk by now and she and I started kidding about her with another guy. My friend came over to the booth and I told her this was the boss I was trying to get that job with. He sat down next to her in the booth and I said, "I have to go use the bathroom." He made his move and told her how beautiful she was. He then said that if she was willing to give him oral sex, he would give me the job. But, I wasn't allowed to know of the deal. As I was walking back, I could see his hand on her leg under the table. It was done subtly in a way that you couldn't tell from sitting there. He then asked her to dance and she asked me if it was okay. They went out on the dance floor and then she came back to the table. She was really pretty drunk, so I told her we should leave. We walked her out to my minivan and I told her to sit in the back and I would lower the seat back. At that time, I faked that I had forgotten something back in the bar, so I asked my friend to wait with her while I went back to get it. When I came back, my friend had her skirt way up and her panties on my front seat. I got in on the driver's side and watched in the rear view mirror as he gave her oral. She didn't realize I was even there. He then had full sex with her. From there, it's been great! She loves to do other men and have me watch. I have never seen her have so many orgasms!

— Jeff, 48