Still Pleased

One night, I was down in the basement alone in the house with just my step-sister. I was watching some TV show and she came down to watch it with me. She said she would be right back, and then she came into the room with these tight leather pants and a see-through shirt on. She saw me get excited and said, "Wow, what is that?" Later, when the show was over, she asked me if I had any free time right then. I said yes, so she and I went up to her room. She said she wanted me to move her bed, which I did. After that, she pushed me on the bed and took my pants off. She then gave me oral. She got totally naked and we went back down to the kitchen to have sex on the table. It was so amazing! Now, my step-sister and I have been having sex for a long time and I'm still pleased with it.

— Dylan, 21