Sex Amongst Friends

When I was about nineteen, my buddy, Gary, and I were great friends and hung around together just about every chance we got. We occasionally had each other over to our houses for sleepovers just for the fun of it. As young men do, we began to talk about sex and what it would be like to actually have sex with a woman and how it would feel. Needless to say, we were a couple of young kids with some fairly impressive packages but with nowhere to put them! I suggested to my buddy and best friend that we try something together to take care of this problem. I took the lead as it was my idea and played around with Gary until he was satisfied. He always kept his face covered with a pillow out of sheer embarrassment. Then he did the same for me. We are close even to this day. We don't get together sexually as much as we did back in those years, but I admit we do share a little oral now and then as the opportunity presents itself. I travel in my work and travel occasionally to where he lives. He usually comes to my hotel without his wife knowing I'm in town, and all the old memories come roaring back.

— Robert, 55