I Like Wearing Nylon Panties

I want to confess that I enjoy wearing 100% nylon panties. I believe it started when I was about seven years old when I wet the bed one night. I got up to find some dry underwear, but the only thing I found was a pair of my mom's black panties. So, I put them on and slept in them all night. Now I wear ladies' panties 24/7. My wife is okay with it as long as they aren't lacey or flowery. I even have a lady in Missouri that custom makes them for me with a longer double nylon gusset. My wife and I have several pairs that are matching. If we have on matching panties at the end of the day, we say that means we have to make love that night. I also like the Vassarette control panties because they fit so skin tight and hold everything so well. I truly believe that some of the panties on the market today are being made for unisex since they are now hiding the front gusset seam so that one cannot tell just by looking that they are panties for women. I have worn just about every brand there is available.

— Jamal, 47