Missing The Ex-Wife

Years ago, while I was still married to my Asian wife and there were drive-in movies nearby, I'd always tell her before we departed, "No bra and no panties at the drive-in." One night, we really got into it. I was fondling her, and she was doing the same to me. We both were really hot. She started giving me oral. I love it!! But, since I didn't have a way of cleaning up, I stopped her. We drove home and had great sex. Every Saturday night, we'd have a "sexual romp" in our living room. We had sex outside, in our backyard, one Saturday night. She was good in bed, in the living room, at the drive-in, and in the back yard! I miss that now that we're divorced, but now I can cross dress whenever I want and I do! I love it! I "dressed up," in her underwear whenever I could, but never told her. I wish I had and wish she could have accepted it. I think we would have enjoyed each other even more. She caught me and we divorced. Too bad.

— Howard, 66