No Regrets

I went from wearing my sister's panties, to wearing sexy nylon panties, to one day looking at porn books. It was looking at them that got me dressing up everyday and pleasuring myself in a mirror. One day, I read an article where a lady described oral sex in detail from start to finish. I wanted to try it so bad, but didn't know how to find someone to do this with. I started trying this by dressing up and using bananas. One summer night, a friend and I stayed over at his friend's house. When I was asleep, I felt a hand running up my leg. I looked and saw my buddy sound asleep on the floor. So I got up went to the other side of the bed and dropped my shorts. He gave me oral, so this was my big chance. I was giving him oral, and it was great. When we were finished, my buddy was standing there and seen everything. So I did him too. We did this for years and I've got no regrets.

— Marty, 52