My Wife's Lover

After five years of marriage, my wife confessed that before she married me, she only ever had sex with black men. She told me that she missed the great sex. She then said she wanted to take a black lover. At first, I was shocked and hurt; but believe it or not, she managed to talk me around. The next weekend, I went to a bar and she brought her new lover to our house to have sex with him. When I got home that night, she told me all about it. It turned me on so much that I pleasured myself like crazy. It was so good to hear that my wife was getting good sex again. Now, every weekend I sleep in the next room and my wife has sex with her black boyfriend. I get to do myself thinking about my wife having great sex with him, and my wife gets a real man to have sex with her. Everyone is happy, though lately, I keep thinking that I would like to give him oral. The idea of it is really driving me mad!

— Nigel, 36