Kissed My Step-Sister

I have kissed my step-sister on the lips. We have been doing it for six to seven years now. She likes to sleep with me. She also likes my sucking her breasts like an infant. I have kissed her on her lips, neck, thighs, back, etc. We have also had a bath together. But, we've never had sex, because she's scared of getting pregnant. I have explained it to her that if I use protection, she will not. But, it's no use. It all started with a night when we both were watching a Hindi movie in which there is a kiss in the honeymoon sequence. I was looking at her and she looked at me and was shy. I asked her for a kiss and she agreed only to a kiss. Later, when our parents were out of the city for two weeks, we continued the kissing saga. One day, I convinced her to allow me to rub my hands on her thighs and to kiss there. Gradually, it went up to sleeping with each other, but without full sex. She's totally cognizant that I am writing this confession and has no problem with it! After this, we are going to have another good night full of kisses, smooches, lovemaking, and breast feeding. It will be without full sex, most probably. But, I will try to convince her to let me go all the way with her.

— Ivan, 23