Wonderful Secret

I have been dressing in panties and Lingerie since I was young. I had four older sisters and always put them on whenever I was home alone. When I was nineteen, I used to put on a sexy panty and bra set and maybe a nightie or teddie, and then sneak though the neighborhood at night, hoping to get caught (not really, it was just exciting). One night, a car stopped when they saw me and I ran through many yards and into my house. I was terrified that they saw me go in. I shut off all the lights except the back bedroom, where I laid on the bed, tired and scared. I then heard a guy's voice coming from the open screen window. He said that I did not have to be afraid and he would not hurt me. I told him I was a guy and he said he knew that, he had been peeking though my window for a year or so and loved to watch me dress up. He thought I was pretty and asked if he could come in. Well, that was my first bi experience and we both tried on all of my sister's bras, panties, and lingerie. We also had oral sex with each other. It turned out he was my best friend's dad. Every time I would visit, we would smile at each other because we had a secret, a wonderful secret. I still spend special evenings with him when our wives are out of town.

— Philip, 49