Sharing My Wife

This idea of sharing my wife started a few years ago when my car broke down in a rural area. I limped the car over to my bud's home in the country. Rico comes from Spain, is five foot seven inches tall, 185 pounds, and has a huge package. He told me that women are always checking it out. My wife drove me over that afternoon to pick up my car. I introduced them and he proceeded to give her all the attention she craved. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Recently, he called me out of the blue. We had discussed how much I would like to see my wife and him together in our earlier conversations. I asked him if women were still checking out his bulge. He shocked me by saying he caught my wife checking him out! He said she seemed embarrassed when they made eye contact. I do remember she looked a little excited and flushed when we drove away. I approached her on the subject of checking out his package and she denied it. Once, when we were coming back from a cruise and on a plane homebound, she looked at a guy longingly and drew in her breath. So, I do know she has looked before. I told her that I have seen her look and she finally admitted she was wondering just how big he is. I am fairly well endowed, but nothing like the monster Rico has under the hood. It took some convincing, but we rented a room in the small town he lives in. I called him on his cell and he was there within thirty minutes. I told him we had an extra pair of men's black, tight swimwear. He came out to the enclosed hot tub where my wife and I were having some wine to loosen her nerves. His package was more impressive than ever, and I noticed my wife of thirty plus years had her stare fixated on that monster under the trunks. Her mouth was open and she was breathing rather quickly. I knew I had her and my fantasy was fixing to come true. I started to have second thoughts though, and my head was very fuzzy and confused. That went away as we proceeded to go back into the motel room. She jumped in the shower and came out wearing a short miniskirt and fishnets. Rico just drew in his breath and commented on how lucky I was to have such a hot, foxy wife. I told him he was the lucky one with such a huge package to please the women. I jumped in the shower and told them not to do anything until I got out. It must have been the quickest shower I ever took. When I came out, my wife had a flushed look and I just knew he had shown her the monster. Rico then jumped in the shower and I asked her if she saw it, but she said no. She is such a liar! Rico told me later the next week that he pulled it out for her. I told her all I wanted her to do was give him oral. I had second thoughts on anything more than that for the first time. He came out naked while my wife was on the edge of the king size bed. He came right over to her and she began giving him pleasure. That was hot to watch! This went on for fifteen minutes and Rico then got up and pulled out a condom from his pants. He was ready to have full sex before she could catch her breath or before I could react. He asked her if she wanted it and she was at the point of no return and just nodded her head. After thirty to forty-five minutes of the most awesome sex she has ever had, he finished. He got dressed and left while she was still panting trying to recover from him. My mind was still fuzzy from all of this and I took her into my arms as she fell in a deep sleep. I don't know if we are going to do this again as I felt pangs of regret, but I know my wife achieved her long awaited date with the bulge she has been longing for all these years.

— Scott, 56