Finally Caught

I was secretly wearing my wife panties in our marriage for the past eight years. She had no idea that I was wearing them. I even wore them to work. We work different shifts and only got to see each other rarely. I'd be getting home, and she be just waking up to get ready for work. Once she left, I would get ready for bed. One day, she was off from work and I had just gotten home. She had some errands to do that morning and told me she be back in three hours. Since it was a hot summer day, I decided just to watch TV for bit and chill out wearing only panties. The next minute I knew, I was awakened by my wife and she was really surprised by what I was wearing! But, it turned out that she really loved it. She even commented that I look sexier in her panties. Well, the next day I was getting ready for work and she was home. She told me that she put out my clothes to wear on the bed. When I went to grab them, I discovered she had put a pair of panties out for me. She walked in the room and told me from now on, that's all I was going to wear, even to work!

— Max, 36