The Luckiest Guy

I have always had a total fetish for high heels and panties. I used to steal my sister's heels and panties. The whole time I had them, I would be pleasuring myself. My best friends have always known about my fetish, and at times have let me put their sister's clothes and heels on, then give them oral sex. This only happened when I was younger. As I grew older, I got married and have been married for eighteen years. During my marriage, I have put my wife's panties and pantyhose on with my own high heels and pleasured myself. It feels fantastic. One night, my wife put on her sexy heels and pantyhose for me and we started to make love. I confessed to her that I crave the sensual feeling on my body. She asked me if I would like to put them on with a pair of heels, which I did. I think this excited her. Since then, she has come home with pantyhose, panties, and heels for me as a gift. I must be the luckiest guy around.

— Miguel, 38