While Her Mom Watched

My girlfriend and I were visiting her parents for some family function one weekend. Both of her parents are really in great shape, and her mother is actually quite a hottie. Anyway, since the two extra bedrooms only have twin beds, we were sleeping downstairs in the family room on the sofa bed. Now, I'd been trying to get her to try different sexual positions for a long time. For some reason, this would be the night I would finally succeed. While I was giving her oral, I noticed her mother watching us from the top of the short stairway down to the family room. She didn't see that I saw her, or if she did she didn't give a sign. So, I decided if she wanted to watch then I'd give her a full show. Once I had started, I looked back to the stairwell to see her mother now sitting there with one hand in the top of her nightie and the other hand down lower. I made sure she saw me see her, and then I gave her a real leering smile. She never made a motion to leave. Well, my girlfriend didn't want me to stop, but I finally had no more left. When we moved to go back to bed, her mother was gone. Well, the next morning, my girlfriend left to go visit childhood friends, and her dad left to play golf. Her mother and I were alone in the house. When I went upstairs to the kitchen, I went up behind her and whispered in her ear, "What did you like the most last night?" Well, she was breathing a little harder by the end of that question and responded that she had loved it all. So, then I thought I'd take a chance. I reached my arms around to embrace her and fondle her. I could feel her responding even through the fabric of her bathrobe. So, I picked her up (she's a small woman) and put her on the kitchen table. I then proceeded to do everything to her that she had watched me do to her daughter. We've never done it again, but I know I'd sure like to.

— Derek, 32