My Thirty-First Sexy Bra

I just received my thirty-first sexy bra to add to my collection. I ordered it online. It's a real cute white demi with little pink flowers on it. I have it on right now and with my excess breast fat, and pads, to fill out the 38-C cups, I even have some sexy cleavage. Only one problem, it's made in the United Kingdom and I have learned that their sizes are a little smaller than ours. So a 38-C is really only a 36-C. To make it fit me, I had to add extenders. Not a problem! I've had to do that with other bras. With my cute sexy new bra, I have on watermelon red boy shorts, and black thigh high fence nets (large fishnets). I fell so sexy! I wish I could go outside and expose myself, letting the cool night air flow all over me and my sexy underwear!

— Martin, 66