Loving It

We have been married for five years and my wife knew about my cross dressing, but did not want to be involved with it except on rare occasions. Six months ago, she started telling me it was okay with her and that she would even help me, if I would do everything her way. She had me shave all over, bought nail polish that she applied, and took pictures of my transformation. Two weeks ago, she pulled out one of her slutty outfits (we wear the same size, a five) and took me all the way to full drag with a little wine. I thought it was great. She took lots of pictures. About ten in the evening, there was a knock at the door and she let in two girls and one guy from work. Her attitude changed. I was told that this was going to be my new life, that the guy was her boyfriend and that the girls were there to witness that I was an under-endowed sissy cross dresser and if I wanted to keep this from my work, I would do what I was told. I'm now at their mercy and loving it.

— Jim, 34