Happy And Satisfied

I have read many stories on here about in-law sex. I was married to a woman who had two sisters, one older and one younger. The older one lived in another state, so she wasn't around much. After about two years, my wife's younger sister started living with us. She had just turned nineteen. My wife and I were always open about things like being nude at home and in the pool. We talked about this and my wife said it would make no difference. If her sister was offended, she would just have to move back home. After about two weeks, her sister joined us in our nudeness. As time went on, she also joined us in our bed. It has been fours years now and things are great. My mother-in-law, who is a widow of nine years, knows about our lifestyle and does not have a problem with it. She is also an open person. As far as sex with my mother in-law, I have never had full sex. But, she told me she had never had oral sex done to her and she had never given oral. So, twice a week, I go to her house and have oral sex with her. She is sixty-three and enjoys it a lot. She is also good at returning the favor. She seems to be more full of life since this started, and my wife and her sister are great with it. We are all happy and satisfied. My wife did ask her mother when she was going to let me go all the way with her and if they could watch. She only answered, "Soon."

— Kevin, 49