Pantyhose In Public

I have a huge pantyhose fetish. I love to put them on and masturbate in them for hours. My favorites are shiny, suntan support hose. I have also been going out dressed in hose, cut off denim jean shorts, tennis shoes with no socks, and sometimes an ankle bracelet. I go to one adult bookstore in my area, and go back into the booths to fool around. I also like to go for walks in state parks dressed like a girl from the waist down. Sometimes, I go in total drag, which is even more fun. Last time I went to the arcade, I had a guy checking me out. He watched me while I was in the booth, then again as I left. He was looking at the preview posters as I walked past, but I knew he was just waiting to get another look at my girly shaved legs in all of their nylon and spandex glory as I went through the turnstile. My next goal is try to go to a topless restaurant dressed like that and get the girls to pose for pictures with me -- in our matching shiny pantyhose!

— Jeremy, 33