Hot Sister-In-Law

When I was young, my brother got married to a hot looking woman. Every chance I got, I tried looking under her skirt or dress. I know she knew what I was doing because when nobody was looking, she would open her legs so I could see all the way up to her panties. I would go into my room and pleasure myself, thinking about her. One day, she told me she had a present for me. When I opened it, there was a pair of her panties; beautiful white lace ones. She said there was just one catch; I had to model them for her. I quickly took my clothes off in front of her. She just stared at my excited manhood, and then proceeded to slip her panties on me. They felt so good that I completed almost instantly. She took my virginity a few weeks later and we had sex every chance we could, sometimes five to six times a week. She is still married to my brother and I still have sex with her when we can get away for an afternoon.

— Doug, 36