I Want My Mother-In-Law!

My mother-in-law is almost sixty years old, fifty-nine to be exact. She easily looks ten to fifteen years younger. Picture this; she is about five feet six inches tall, a hundred and twenty-five pounds, tight and toned, short blonde hair, blue eyes, and all natural 34 DD breasts! I am a foot lover, so I also have to mention she has such perfect size seven feet with beautiful high arches that I have been lucky enough to massage. She loved it when I did this, and also has given me back massages. Wow! She has the most amazing touch! We hang out when my wife is not around and are very touchy feely with one another, though nothing sexual has happened yet. She has almost caught me masturbating on several occasions though. Last time, I purposefully left the door open a little and spread out on the bed. She came down to do the laundry and started peeking through the door, watching me. I am well endowed and, after that, she has been extra warm with me. I want to take the next step! I want my mother in law!

— Brian, 29