Nothing Wrong With It

I love wearing panties and my wife does not care if I wear them. She has complimented me on wearing certain pairs. They are so soft and feel so good on my butt. I have hinted to her that I want to wear her nightie when we make love, but so far that has not been okay. But, I am going slow and hope she will let me. I love the feel of nighties; they feel so good! But for now, wearing panties is awesome. I wear them 24/7 and they feel great. I just hope she will let me wear her nightie around her soon. Gals, if you read this, trust me and let your guy wear panties. You will love the way he looks in them, and he will love the way they feel on him. There's nothing wrong with wearing panties and nighties. I love it.

— Shawn, 45