My Employee's Husband

Laura, my employee for five years, came in Monday morning in a really odd mood. By Thursday, she was in a really bad mood, so I asked her to go to lunch. During lunch, I asked her what was the matter as she wasn't paying attention to her job. She broke down and told me that her husband told her he wanted to have sex with another man. She was scared to death that he would get aids or something. She asked if I knew of any way she could make his desire come to pass. Having had a gay experience twenty years ago, I told her I would think of a way to make it happen. We finished lunch and she looked relieved. The next day, I called her into my office and told her I would come and spend the weekend at their house. I also told her would come dressed as a woman. Laura did not know that I cross- dressed in private and I did not engage with anyone else. I had been divorced for two years. This would be a first for me and I asked if she would video tape the weekend for my private use. Laura was agreeable to everything, even offering to sleep with me. Early Saturday morning, I rang the bell and Laura's husband Ethan opened the door and said, "Wow." Laura said, "You've never looked so good," and I told her she had never seen me like this. Ethan immediately started to kiss me. Laura came into the room and said, "Ethan, can't you wait a minute? I need to set up the camera." As she was setting up the camera, I told Ethan that years ago I was with a man and enjoyed it, but never acted on it and this would be a new experience for both of us. As the camera started, Ethan started to strip me. All he kept saying was, "Wow," as I grabbed and unzipped him. As I was working on him, my package slid out of my panties and Laura said she would like some of that. Then, Ethan and I gave each other oral sex. Laura was not only video recording all this, but also pleasuring herself. It was a great weekend and all three of us got what we wanted. I told them we should do this often as I really enjoyed them both.

— Ben, 50