In Control

I am retired from the army and I maintain my farm house. I live with my step-son and his wife, who have three kids. My daughter-in-law is thirty-two years old and she is a very intelligent lady. Due to there being a lot of work at the farm house, she helps me. My step-son is very busy with his job and always traveling to different places. For the last year and a half, they have been having a lot of differences and arguments. My daughter-in-law is also my friend's daughter, so she is very close to me. One day, we both were at the farm house and it was raining very heavy. She was having great pain in her breasts as she was producing too much milk for her infant daughter to drink. She asked me to drink her breast milk to relieve her pain. I hesitated, and she got angry. She took me in her lap, opened my pants, and spanked me severely for more than fifteen minutes. When she was finished, I was in tears. She then brought me near her breasts and took off her bra and T-shirt. I drank her all milk and at last, we made love. So now, whenever we are alone, she spanks me and treats me like slave. We always end up making love. This is wrong, but I am in control of my daughter-in-law.

— Donald, 54