My Perfect Mother-in-Law

My Mother-in-Law is sixty-two years old and by far the most intelligent, sexy woman on the planet. She is perfect in every way. I am thirty-six years old and have had a major crush on her since we first met. She has a beautiful butt. Her hands are perfect, as is her entire body. My wife knows that I have a thing for older women and she knows that if I cheat on her, it will be with an older woman. I told her this before we were married; she also knows that I have had dreams of making love to her mother and has expressed concern that if it were to happen, it wouldn't be just a one time thing. She is afraid her mother would really enjoy it and wouldn't be able to get enough. I am hoping that my Mother-in-Law is that woman. It's a smart and wise move considering if I do cheat with an older woman, at least I am not taking chances bringing home any thing to my wife who I do love. In addition, there is the fact that she can't get pregnant. I am going to be leaving for a year on business, and her mom can travel. I am hoping this gets on the web site so I can show it to my Mother-in-Law.

— Brad, 36