Flashing Wife

My wife is ten years younger and has an incredibly hot little body that I love her showing off for other men. She works at a small office with mostly guys and they're always hitting on her; especially as she wears the shortest little skirts almost every day and also the most revealing barely-there little panties, all of which gives me plenty to fantasize about. She's got beautiful legs that are always tan, so she never wears pantyhose and she also keeps herself totally shaved. A few months ago, she began carpooling with her boss. She had told me a lot about him and I already knew of his attraction to her. He now picks her up every morning in his small little two-seater sports car. It is quite low to the ground and she's told me there's no way she can sit in it without her skirt riding up. She said it drives him crazy and that while driving, he's always looking down and between her legs. Upon seeing that I was enjoying hearing about it, she confessed that while riding with him she will occasionally sit so as to allow his glances. I told her what a turn-on her doing so was for me, and even encouraged her to heat it up a bit more for her boss. She said as long as I was sure I didn't mind, she would. Seeing as I didn't mind, she's really heated it up, wearing her shortest little skirts and sexiest heels every day. Now in the morning as she gets ready for work, and before slipping on one of her super short little skirts, she'll show me the tiny little panties she's wearing that are often totally see-through and barely covering anything at all. As he arrives to pick her up, I'll then watch from the window as she climbs into his car with him. Knowing I'm watching, she'll deliberately let her little skirt ride all the way up to her crotch while making no effort to pull it down. She's told me that as they drive to work, she now sits with her legs open enough so he can easily see everything. She also confessed that on the ride home, she's been letting him touch her bare thighs as well as "a bit more." More recently, they've also been going to happy hours after work together, with her at times not arriving home till it's quite late. She's confessed there's been a lot more going on, including her performing oral sex. Now, when I watch her leaving with him in the morning and looking so hot, I have to go and pleasure myself immediately. She's told him I don't mind and though I find it a bit humiliating, at the same time I can't deny the fact that I find it an incredible turn-on.

— Grant, 42