Looking Sexy And Feeling Great

I just turned sixty-six years old and have been wearing bras and panties for most of those years. I had excess breast fat when I was young. My mom allowed me to watch her getting dressed a lot and one night, when I was alone, I put her bra on and I was hooked! I had my own bra and panty collection when I was a teenager. I wore them when ever I could. I married an Asian lady while overseas in the military, and would put her underwear on when I could. She caught me and we divorced, but we had our good times. She gave great oral sex and I miss that! Now, I live alone and I dress-up when ever I can. I have a collection of thirty really sexy bras that any women would be proud of, and the panties to match. I love the feel of a bra around my chest, pads or falsies, to fill out the 38-C cups. I also love bikini panties around my hips (hate thongs), and sexy black sheer thigh high nylons on my legs. They look SO sexy and feel great! My fantasy would be giving a male friend oral sex while dressed up. I think I'll go dress-up right now!

— Dominic, 66