They Don't Know I'm A Guy

One year for Halloween, I dressed up as a hooker. My wife did me up and I wore satin string panties, a lace bra, garter belt, and stockings. I was hot! She did my make-up, gave me heels, and a purse to finish the look. On the way to the party, we stopped for a six-pack and she told me to get it. I walked in and did I turn heads, even the guy behind the counter asked for my phone number. I told him "no" in a soft voice, so he gave me his and told me to call him up. I never told my wife this, but I called him up one day and he wanted to meet me. I dressed up and went out when my wife was out of town. I told him no sex, but I would give him oral and he agreed. I have never done that since I'm not gay, but he completed within five minutes. We cleaned up and I was on my way. He never knew I was a guy. Now, I dress up and offer oral to many men.

— Nathaniel, 39