I Finally Confessed

I finally broke down this past Friday and confessed to my mother-in-law, who is sixty-two years old, that I am attracted to her in a more than platonic way. Her daughter already knows I am attracted to older women; I told her in the beginning of our relationship that if I was going to cheat on her with anyone, it would be with an older woman. The thing is the only older woman I would cheat on my beautiful wife with would be her mother. Her mother has a beautiful butt, and I have to mention her hands are very sexy. She has a voluptuous body, and she knows how to dress classy. She is so beautiful, intelligent, and her smile would light up the night sky. Her eyes are blue and her voice just captivates me. Whenever I see, hear, and interact with my mother-in-law; my heart races and my ears pound. I get nervous and excited talking and being around her. I miss her when I don't see her. I have even called her work just to hear her voice (I don't say anything and let her hang up). I have been attracted to her since I first met her. I know her bra and panty sizes just from looking at her. I would love to sit and describe everything I find sexy and attractive about my mother-in-law, but there is so much that I could talk all night and never get tired. Since our first meeting, my fantasies have involved her and her only. I don't think my fantasies will happen, but I'd like to think they might, given the right conditions. My favorite one is me giving her oral sex. She then returns the favor, and it progresses to full love making. I would expend all my energy, and then I would take ten Viagra pills to ensure that she is sexually satisfied. I would love to be in a room with her alone, totally naked, with us just talking and some touching. I can't wait for her to read this. This is just a short list.

— Lance, 36