My Virgin Girlfriend

For about a year now, I've been seeing this girl. She's of Asian decent and has very close ties with her family. Because of that, she is also very honorable and traditional. As you can guess, this means she insists on remaining a virgin until she has married. Well, we eventually moved into an apartment together, and I was able to convince her to sleep in her panties and bra rather than her pajamas. Each night when she fell asleep, I would gently grope her slim, petite figure. I would play with every inch of her body. Sometimes she seemed to get into it in her sleep, even letting out a gentle moan in between her soft snoring. Often I find it hard to contain myself as I fantasize about her. I can just imagine how good it would feel, her eyes looking up at me pleadingly as I'd steal her virginity. The big surprise came one night when she awoke to find me fondling her. She asked me what I was doing. Without a word, I took a hold of her underwear and quickly slid them off and down her legs. She naturally tried to close up her legs and turn away, but I turned her back around, forced her legs open, and began giving her oral. She started breathing heavy and whispered "please" a few times, but I kept going. She eventually gave in and enjoyed herself. She looked at me, smiled, and gave me a long passionate kiss. I never had to wait until she fell asleep anymore to grope her after that night. Although she still doesn't allow me to penetrate (yet), we practice oral on each other often.

— Jared, 24