A Plumbers Confession

The other day, I went to a house to fix a boiler. I knocked on the door and a Chinese guy opened it. He only had a towel over his front and as he went up the stairs, I had a really good view of his bum and the back of his large package. He had been in the shower, hence the lack of clothes. When I did the job, I told him the price and he said he didn't have enough money. I told him I would really like to see his manhood, and he dropped the towel to reveal himself. He asked if I wanted to get naked too. I took my clothes off and looked at his huge package. Wow. I got down on my knees and started giving him oral, and then he returned the favor. He said that he would really like to have full sex with me and I said I would too. We went up to the bedroom and did each other for a long time. It was fantastic! Chinese guys are the best!

— Noah, 45