Friends Perk Things Up

My wife, Mary, and I have been married for twenty years. Each year, our sex life gets more boring. I have tried everything to perk things up, but Mary just has a low sex drive. Our best friends are Roger and Silvia. Silvia complained to Mary for years about how Roger was not meeting her sexual needs. Two years ago, Silvia and I were alone, and I confessed to her that I was having the same problem with Mary. We ended up coming to an agreement that we would help each other out. Our major rules were, first, we would be sex buddies but not lovers, and second, we would always try to do something new and interesting. Since that time, we have gotten together about once a month. Each time we meet, we take turns suggesting a new sexual act. I am sure that without this agreement both of us would have been divorced.

— Jeremy, 42