Strip Poker

I brought a friend home from work when we were all young. We played cards and drank wine. I suggested we play strip poker and my wife and friend agreed. We got on the living room floor and played until we were all naked. My friend suggested we play for kisses; which ever guy won the hand got to kiss my wife. If she won, she could kiss which ever of us she wanted. We did that for about twenty minutes and it got very hot. Then we played for touches and feels the same way. We all got very excited. I suggested we play for a chance at fifteen minutes in the bedroom. My wife won and took my friend into the bedroom. After about ten minutes, they came out. I was dying from my excitement. I pulled my giggling wife into the bedroom where I kissed her and started playing with her. I asked her how far they went and she said, "Can't you tell?" I knew then what they had done and I was really turned on. Later, I got to watch them do it on the couch. Then, he watched me and her doing it. He spent the night and it was great.

— Roger, 60