She Suspected Me

This is a true story and I never told anyone until now. We would be over at the in-laws and I would use the bathroom. Behind the door were my mother-in-laws pink silk panties. I would take them and put them on; so excited my hands would be shaking. The feel of the slippery silk would be too much and I would explode into them. I would leave them that way, hoping she would find them and suspect me. One time, no one was home and I decided to check out the panty drawer. While in there, I was smoking a cigarette. No one else smokes in our family. I relieved myself in a fresh pair of silk pink panties. The ash fell off my smoke and onto the floor. She must have found the soiled panties and the ash on the floor because the next day, she asked if I was in her bedroom.

— David, 57