I Love Lingerie - On ME!

Since I can remember, I've always been attracted and aroused by women in lingerie. I love to watch them, even in magazines. I thought that I was attracted to the women and kept fantasizing about them. So, time passed by, and everything continued the same until I started to pay more attention to the underwear instead of the women. I started to ask myself, "What is the big deal with women and their underwear? What makes it so special? Does it make them feel better? Sexier? Or what?" I wanted to know how would it feel to wear some of those highly- publicized lingerie sets. Some time passed until I went to sleep over with a friend of mine. He had a very sexy older sister which I can't deny I used to fantasize about. When it was time to go to sleep, I couldn't stop thinking about which kind of panties she used. Luckily for me, she didn't sleep that night at the house. So, I got up some courage and sneaked into her bedroom. Of course, I had to be very careful not to wake anyone at the house or I'd be in a lot of trouble. So, with the help of a lighter, I started to spy on her drawers trying to find her underwear. It took me about ten minutes of heart-pounding searching until finally I found them. I wasn't able to see very well, so I grabbed two or three panties of what seemed to be the sexiest panties in the drawer. After I grabbed them, I closed the drawer quickly and returned to sleep. I slept hiding the panties so that no one could find them. The next morning, I was so eager to try them on, but I couldn't find time for myself. So, I had to wait until I went to my home. When I get home, the first thing I did was rush to my bedroom and lay the panties on my bed deciding on which I should try first. I remember one of them was red and the other two were white. The red one was made out of a smooth, silky material, and the other two were white ones. The three of them where full back panties, so I made up my mind and picked the red ones. I dropped my pants as quickly as I could and tried on the smooth red ones. Once they were in place, my heart started pounding rapidly. The way they felt was so right. I loved the tight feeling of the smooth panties in my crotch and in my butt. I quickly took those off to try on the other ones. As I wore the other ones, I started to get a hard-on. So, I thought, "What if I wore them for the rest of the day?" So, I did, and all day long I was excited and thinking on what panties the women I saw were wearing. As of today, I still wear normal panties, and I've found out how good thongs feel. On other days, I also wear some bras. Now I know why women like lingerie so much. They make me feel so sexy and, besides, I love how tight they feel. For all of those reading this, I would recommend to try some.

— Rico, 23